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Adoption Information

Our adoptable pets are shown on our Petfinder Account Pets for Adoption | Petfinder .   Are you interested in one of our adoptable pets?  Please complete our online application below. Once we have received your online adoption application, we will be in contact with you to further discuss your interest. If you prefer to print out the application, here is a link to the PDF version .

Please be aware all of our rescue dogs and cats are in private foster homes. We respectfully request that you do not show up at any of our private homes requesting to meet without making prior arrangements. After speaking with you to determine if the dog or cat is a good fit for you and checking your references, a meeting and home visit will be required prior to final approval of your application.                                                                                                

ALL of our pets are spay/neutered prior to adoption.  Please know that pets being unaltered is the reason they end up in a shelter in the beginning and we cannot allow this to continue in this area.  All pets in the home must be spay/neutered  for us to approve an adoption.  

Adopting is a huge responsibility and we need to know this will be a lifelong commitment to the animal. Also, please remember that the fosters and volunteers of this rescue have been a big part of this animals life.  We would love to have updates from you as the dogs settles in.  It really does mean the world to all of us.  View our entire available pet list at  Pets for Adoption at Kindness Matters Rescue Inc., in Berlin, MD | Petfinder

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